Kalkbreite Optik | KIKIES
Hochwertige Brillen und Kontaktlinsen vom Optiker mit bester Beratung. Wir haben einfach Spass an Brillen, die nicht jeder auf der Nase trägt.
Optiker, Zürich, Kreis 4, Kalkbreite, Lastes, Moscot, Kontaktlinsen, Brille, Sonnebrille
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December 2013. Lots of sunshine and fresh powdered snow, and Camille and Nicolas are about to make their first ski descent. Suddenly they realise that they left their sunglasses home. In this small ski resort only one shop still remains open. There they unearth a box filled with old-school glacier glasses, shells and leather cords included. With this model, it’s all about childhood memories:  The taste of the first snowflake, the apprehension of the first descent of the day, afternoon tobogganing with family, winter sports during the school break, the smell of ski-wax in the rental shops and pockets filled with chocolate bars. They buy two colored pairs of the vintage sunglasses and the day is saved.


Then gradually, without noticing, these glasses that were initially supposed to only just save the day slowly became present at all their ski trips. The vintage sunglasses always had an unexpected and extraordinary effect on other skiers. Noticing the sunglasses’ success on the ski-slopes, Camille and Nicolas wanted to bring this cool and nostalgic model back to life. Following two years of design work, color and material selection, and working closely with passionate and professional craftsmen, the Kikies sunglasses were born.


He has designed eyewear and watches for Dior, Lacroix, Bally. Passionate about surfing, he also redesigned the Roxy eyewear collections, Quiksilver, O’Neill, Oxbow and Cébé . Today he stands on his own. French became the reference for the optical design of sunglasses and watches, and he is a „brand“ itself that affixes especially on Kikies. Attracted as much by the original idea as he was the brands personality, Damien Fourgeaud immediately fell in love with the project: „I was born in 1980 and I had a very colorful glacier model. For me it was obvious to combine a very modern trendy style with the glacier style that carries with it a history rooted for years in people.” He wears his Kikies listening to “Learn to fly” from Foo Fighters, “Hello” by Martin Solveig and “I feel just like a child” by Devendra Banhar.

Kikies’ spirit is like a „ski, sea & sun“ song of Gainsbourg. To live the good life, from the top of a mountain chalet, to a beach bar or a terrace in town, the Kikies offer you the enjoyment of the cool vintage spirit in the sun.


The idea of Kikies was born in France, so the Kikies are also made ​​in France. Nothing never happens by chance, and naturally their home is located close to the mountains. The acetate frames are handmade by craftsmen who specialize in sunglasses in Oyonnax in the Jura . It is also in Oyonnax, that the hulls vegetable-tanned leather is crafted by hand to fit perfectly next to your Kikies. And the glasses? They are designed in the neighboring Jura by the only French manufacturer who can provide tinted lenses in vitamin colors.

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