Kalkbreite Optik | Lastes
Hochwertige Brillen und Kontaktlinsen vom Optiker mit bester Beratung. Wir haben einfach Spass an Brillen, die nicht jeder auf der Nase trägt.
Optiker, Zürich, Kreis 4, Kalkbreite, Lastes, Moscot, Kontaktlinsen, Brille, Sonnebrille
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Produced in Italy since 1968, our brand was born from the research of a light and comfortable fit.With the 25 handwork stages which are necessary for the realization of the Bioflex temple, we obtain frames which fit perfectly and adaptable to every type of face.The bending mechanism of the “Bioflex System” temple has always made us proud. The attention to details and the use of the best materials guarantee the excellent manufacture for which Lastes brand is recognized to all connoisseurs.

Elegance and technology are designed to shape a workmanlike product.

Lastes Eyewear combines the everlasting style to the present time details, an ancient wisdom to technological innovations of the future.

Handmade finishes are our passion; we strive for perfection until the end in order to create in our own way Made in Italy eyewear.

Every LASTES frame is the result of a complexed manufacturing method completely realized in Italy, made of competence, manual ability, passion and dedication.

The realization of a pair of glasses depends on people with a fifty-year knowledge who use the newest technologies and instruments.


“History is about the potential of the present, not just the past.” (Émile-Auguste Chartier)

Tradition is a solid basis from which to start, the foundations to realize new ideas.

Lastes Eyewear is a real classic such to become a genre model.

It establishes a tradition. Becoming timeless it narrates the stories of people, families, cities, towns… make us savour passed moments, live the present and dream future projects.

Everything comes from the ambition to realize frame functional aspects, which determine the shape and characterize its style becoming eternal. This natural process makes the product capable of accompany us from generation to generation.

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